What is the full form of AD

AD: Anno Domini

AD stands for Anno Domini. The term Anno Domini is a Medieval Latin term which literally means "In the year of the Lord". It is used to label or number years in the Julian and Gregorian calendars. Sometimes C.E. (Common Era) is used instead of "Anno Domini", by Non-Christians.

There is a common misconception that AD specifies "After Death" which is totally wrong. This misconception is occurred due to BC because BC stands for Before Christ. We are living in the AD era. So, every date containing year is added with a suffix AD.

Some of the important dates in AD are:

  • 1947 AD - India was got Independence.
  • 1948 AD - Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated in the year.
  • 1983 AD - Indian wins its first cricket world cup.
  • 1989 AD - Sachin Tendulkar makes his test debut for India.
  • 2011 AD - India wins ICC cricket World Cup for the second time.
  • 2014 AD - Mr. Narendra Modi was elected prime minister of India.