What is the full form of AGP

AGP: Accelerated Graphics Port

AGP stands for Accelerated Graphics Port. It is a high-speed point-to-point channel used to connect video card to a computer's motherboard. The point-to-point channel provides point-to-point communication to accelerate the 3D computer graphics and provides a high-speed video output.

The Accelerated Graphics Port dedicates a point to point media that facilitates graphics controller to straight access to the computer system.


Accelerated Graphics Port was designed by Intel in 1997. It is 32 bits wide and runs at 66 Mhz. a total bandwidth of 266 mbps.

Why it is fast

AGP allows 3D textures to be stored in main memory instead of video memory. This is why it is fast. There are three versions available of AGP.

  • The original version
  • AGP 2.0
  • AGP 3.0

AGP 3.0 is the fastest one and it transfers data or video at double speed. Due to its high speed, AGP is mainly used by designers for high definition videos, 3D games, applications and architectural graphics.

Features of AGP

  • Support graphics of higher definition.
  • Support HD videos and games.
  • Provide smooth communication.
  • Flexible and Compatible.