What is the full form of AMUL

AMUL: Anand Milk Union Limited

AMUL full form is Anand Milk Union Limited. It is an acronym for Anand Milk Union Limited and mainly popularized as AMUL. AMUL is a brand name used for selling its milk product.

AMUL is a milk product cooperative dairy company based at the small town of Anand of Kaira district in Gujarat state of India.



AMUL is established in 1946. This company was founded by Dr. Verghese Kurien as a co-operative dairy. Now a day, it is the largest dairy in India for manufacturing milk products and milk. AMUL is credited for white revolution in India. It follows a very successful co-operative business model that has a great motive to empower the village men and women. AMUL has successfully created many mini-entrepreneurs out of ordinary village women.

R.S. Sodhi is the current CEO of this company.

Creative advertising

AMUL’s most famous product is Amul Butter. The advertising idea of AMUL’s butter is very creative. It is much popularized with a new poster / billboard every month for the last 50 years, focusing about a current event, idea or happening.


There are a lot of products produced by AMUL. Following are some examples:

  • AMUL flavored milk
  • AMUL cheese
  • AMUL Butter
  • AMUL Ghee
  • AMUL Dahi
  • AMUL Milk powder
  • AMUL Chocolate
  • AMUL Shrikhand
  • AMUL Ice cream and many other types of dairy products.

AMUL butter is its most popular product because of its unique advertising.