Architecture of Framework

android architecture or Android software stack is categorized into five parts:

  • linux kernel
  • native libraries (middleware),
  • Android Runtime
  • Application Framework
  • Applications

Let's see the android architecture first.

android software stack, architecture

Android Runtime

The first mobile handset, the T-Mobile G1, was released in the United State in October 2008. Android runtime is a second layer of bottom. Its provides key component called by Dalvik Virtual Machine it's a Java Virtual Machine for Android.

Rather than being a mobile OS created of single hardware implementation, Android is designed to support a large variety of hardware platform, from Smart phone to tablets and televisions.

Application Framework

Android application framework supports the features :-

  • Webkit engine based on integrated browser.
  • Optimized graphics by the advanced graphics library.
  • SQL structured data
  • Video, Audio and image format media support.
  • Device emulator etc.


  • GSM telephony
  • Network connection such as Bluetooth,Edge,3G,WiFi
  • Camera
  • Game
  • GPS etc.