What is Android

Android is an open platform for mobile development. The first truly open comprehensive platform for mobile devices. It includes an operating system, user-interface and application all of the software to run a mobile phone but without the proprietary obstacles that have hindered mobile invocation.

  • Android is a mobile operating system that provides platform to run android app
  • Android apps coded in java or native languages C,C++.
  • Android is design for light weighted as a small device.
  • For Example:- Smart Phone,Tablet,Camera ,Electronic book reader etc.
  • Android based on the Linux kernel and currently developed by GOOGLE.

Android is provide a development platform for an increasingly wide range of hardware, including tablets and televisions.

  • A free, open- source operating system for embedded devices.
  • An open-source development platform for creating application.

Android several necessary and departments parts

  • A Compatibility Definition Document (CDD) and Compatibility Test Suit (CTS) that describe required for a device to support the software stack.
  • A Linux operating system kernel that provides a low-level interface with the hardware, memory management ,all optimized for mobile and embedded device.
  • Open-source application development, including SQlite, WebKit , OpenGL, and a media manager.
  • A software development kit (SKD) used to create application, including the related tools, plug-ins, and documentation.

Android platform components

The Android system is a full software stack, you can see in the following diagram .

Android platform components

Android Application

Android devices typically come with a suite of preinstalled application part of the Android Open Source Project(AOSP).

  • e-mail client
  • SMS Management application
  • WebKit based web browser
  • Calculator
  • Home screen
  • Music player and Picture gallery
  • Camera and Video Recording
  • Gmail email client
  • Google Talk instant-messaging client
  • You Tube video player

Application framework

An API which allows high-level interactions with the Android system from Android applications.

Libraries and runtime

The archives for many common functions (e.g.: graphic rendering, data storage, web browsing, etc.) of the Application Framework and the Dalvik runtime, as well as the core Java public library for running Android applications.

Linux kernel

Announcement layer for the fundamental hardware.