AngularJS Notepad Application

Given the fact that AngularJS is the most suited one to develop a Single Page Application, it would only be ideal to make a notepad application using it. By referring to the attempt of making a notepad application, what we are trying to emphasize here is that it should be an application in which a user should be capable of adding, editing and deleting notes made.

Also, there should be a provision to handle the existing notes as well so that they can be fetched and shown to the user when asked for. In this tutorial, you will be walking through a process on how to build a simple yet elegant notepad application using the framework of AngularJS.

Now, to come to focus on the aspect of the persistence of the notes, we would be making use of the local storage which is available with the browser. It is also one of the key features of HTML5. However, if you are wondering if you can make this thing up by using a simplistic form of jQuery or JavaScript, you would be right and able to do it. The main reason we use AngularJS instead of a JavaScript or any other thing is that a notepad application is a Single Page Application and AngularJS as mentioned is one of the most suited to develop such applications.

Developing the notepad application will make you understand a lot more about the AngularJS directives, factory, etc. You will be developing a custom notepad directive making use of the directives of AngularJS. Hence, make sure you have a sound knowledge of AngularJS and proceed further.