AngularJS Tutorial

AngularJS tutorial provides basic and advanced concepts of AngularJS. Our AngularJS tutorial is designed for beginners and professionals.

Angular JS is an open source JavaScript framework by Google to build web applications. It can be freely used, changed and shared by anyone.

AngularJS was initially started off as a work platform by Mr. Hevery who was an employee of Google. He started to work with AngularJS in the year 2009 and the first version of it was released in the year 2012. Mr. Hevery's idea turned out to be quite a good one and it is currently being supported by Google.

Our AngularJS tutorial includes all topics of AngularJS such as MVC, Data Binding, Expressions, Directives, Controllers, filters, dom, forms, ajax, Validation, services, animation, dependency injection, views and more. There are also given AngularJS interview questions to help you better understand the AngularJS.


Before learning AngularJS, you must have the fundamental information of JS and HTML.


Our AngularJS tutorial is specially designed to help beginners and professionals.


We assure that you will not find any mistake in this AngularJS tutorial. But if there is any mistake, please post the problem by mail.

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