What is the full form of ASR

ASR: Automated System Recovery

ASR is an acronym stands for Automated System Recovery. ASR is a feature of Windows XP operating system. It is used to simplify the recovery of a computer system or boot volumes.

Automated System Recovery contains two parts:

  • Automated backup
  • Automated restore
Automated System Recovery

The backup portion can be accessed in the Backup utility under System Tools. Automated System Recovery is not intended to backup user's files or other data. It only focuses to backup data necessary for restoring the system configuration state. If you want to ensure backup of user's actual data file, other backup systems should be put in place to. In the event of a failure, an ASR restore is performed first, which facilitates user files to then be recovered.

The Automated System Recovery should be used only as a last resort because in preparation for a restore, it formats the system and boot volumes.