Benefit of SEO

Do you like getting more traffic on your website? Do you want to spend less money in order to get more traffic? Do you want to get free backlinks to your website? Then now is the time you should work on SEO.

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting ranked in first page of major Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Even ranking on page one will not give any gurantee of good traffic but if you are ranked in top 5 position of first page then there is huge possibility of getting good amount of free traffic.

There are many more ways to get traffic on your website but since getting traffic from Search Engines are totally free therefore SEO is most popular and people invest much of their time and money into this.

Suppose if you have an ecommerce website selling jewellry products. Now you can imagine the benefit of getting free traffic from Google search engine on your jewellary website. If your website is ranking well in Google then it can increase your sales and thus more money to your venture. So, you have to follow the SEO guidelines carefully and then implement on your website to get good ranking and hence good traffic and finally income.

Another benefit of doing SEO is, suppose you have ranked in first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo then it might help you in getting additional backlinks. Now you may ask How it is possible? Then let me answer you with an example.

Suppose, I am a blogger or webmaster and want to write a good article on Top 10 Basketball players of all time. What will do at first? I will research and make a big list of all time favorites and then I will short out the names based on the criterias which I have selected. Now, After writing the articles I will link to all those websites from where I have got the details. Now this way, all those websites will get new free backlink. Now think, if your website is one of them. True, free backlink for you as well. Now, I am just one but there will be 100 more who will be writing and linking to relevent blogs or websites.

So, If you are working on proper SEO Plan, then -

  • You will start getting free traffic from Google and other search engines once you are on page 1.
  • Once you are in page one, then there are few chances of getting backlinks from related websites overtime.
  • Once you have started getting backlinks time to time, it will send out positive signal to Google that this website is good in this perticular niche and then Google might improve our search engine ranking and hence result will be huge amount of traffic
  • Once you got good ranking then this cycle will keep repeating from Step 1.