What is the full form of BIOS

BIOS: Basic Input Output System

BIOS is an acronym stands for Basic Input Output System. The BIOS is the first software which runs when you turn on your computer. The BIOS is stored in ROM (Read Only Memory), located on the motherboard of a computer in a form of tiny memory chip. The BIOS helps the booting process when the computer is turned on.

BIOS is also known as ROM BIOS, System BIOS or PC BIOS.


What does BIOS do

The main purpose of Basic Input Output System is to check all the Hardware component attached to the computer and to load the part of Operating System or other system programs to the RAM. The hardware devices may include: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, Hard Disk etc.

How BIOS work

When you switch on your computer system, BIOS sends instruction for it to perform all basic functions like booting, keyboard control and more.  The BIOS software has many different tasks, but its most important task is to load the operating system.