Insert Comments in Excel Tutorial

Text Boxes

Text boxes are special boxes used for highlighting the text by putting it into these text boxes. Text boxes looks very much like the comment box with the only difference that the text boxes are visible permanently whereas text box are visible only when you select a particular cell.

Adding text boxes

Text Box can be easily added by following the steps below:

  • Go to the Insert tab in the ribbon at the top of excel sheet and select Text Box from the options and then click the point where you want to insert it. By default, it will contain the name of the user and you can overwrite it.

Formatting text box

The text box can be easily formatted which includes changing the font, font size, alignment, etc of the text inside text box. Following is the list of the options available in formatting:

  • Fill : This option can be used to select a specific pattern to fill the background of the text box like gradient, solid etc.
  • Line Color: This option can be used to choose color for the font and transparency of the line.
  • Line Style: This option enables you to choose the style (Bold, italics etc) for the text and set the width.
  • Size: This option lets you change the size of the text box.
  • Properties: You can change some of the properties of text box using this option.
  • Text Box: This option lets you select the layout for text box, like internal margins, auto fit option and similar others.

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