Adjust Margins in Excel Tutorial


Microsoft Excel allows you to set the Margins for the Excel Sheet, which defines the portion of the page from the top, bottom, and sides that should be left unprinted. However, you do not have the facility to set different margins for the different sheets in a single file. Here are the different ways through which Margins can be set.

  • You can set the margins for the sheet by clicking the “Margin” option listed under the Page Layout Tab on the top. The drop down list will consist of four options: Normal, Wide, Narrow and Custom Margins as shown below.
  • You can also access these options by selecting Print in the File menu.

If none of the options: Normal, Wide and Narrow, are according to your liking, you can customize the margins within limits by using the fourth option of “Custom Margins”.

Center on Page

Microsoft Excel aligns the area to be printed with the top and left Margins. However, you can set the print area at the center by horizontally or vertically or both by selecting the appropriate option as shown in the above screenshot.