Apply Formatting in Excel Tutorial

There are many options available in Microsoft Excel for applying various formatting options to a single or multiple selected cells. You can find the options in the Format Cells Dialog Tab listed under various Tabs as shown below.

Here is the list of various Tabs along with short description:

  • Number: This option allows you to set the format of a cell according the text contained in the cell.
  • Alignment: This Tab lists various options for setting the desired alignment for the text contained in a cell.
  • Font: This Tab lists various options which lets you change the font, font size etc.
  • Border: This Tab lists various options which let you select an appropriate border for your cell with various patterns and width.
  • Fill: This Tab lists various options that lets you choose from the different fill patterns and themes available.
  • Protection: This Tab lists options relating to the Excel Sheet Protection like Locked, and Hidden.