Excel Backstage

The Backstage view is a new feature included in Excel 2010 to allow users print sheets, open sheets, share sheets and many more all from only one stage. For this, you should click on File Tab present at top left corner of window.

Excel Backstage

In case you are already working in an excel sheet, Backstage View will show details about recently opened sheet. Once you select an option on first column, two more columns open showing the information related to options selected as shown below


The First column will show the following options.

Option Description
Save This option allows you to save the changes made to a new or already existing file before closing. If you forget to save, this option will immediately prompt you to save the file and provide a valid name to the sheet.
Save As This option allows you to save the changes you made to a file for the first time and assign new name to your file in .xlsx default format Microsoft Excel 2010
Open This option lets you open a file already created earlier for viewing or editing.
Close This option lets you to close the current file
Info This option provides you the information about the opened file.
Recent This option displays all the files that you have recently opened.
New This option lets you open a new excel sheet.
Print This option lets you print pages from the currently opened excel file.
Save & Send This option lets you save and send the opened file to anyone using email and other options.
Help The option lets you access help on the various excel topics in the Microsoft excel 2010.
Options You can set various other options related to file using this option in Microsoft Excel 2010.
Exit This option closes and allows exit of Excel application.

Sheet Information

On clicking the Info tab, you will find following options

  • Compatibility Mode: If the opened excel file was created in previous version of Microsoft Excel 2007 a convert button will allow you to change its format to new excel format.
  • Permissions: This option limits the file access by creating a password. This password will work as a key to open the file and even to lock the file that disables anyone to make any changes to it.
  • Prepare for Sharing: This option tells you about various details of your file by highlighting them before you plan to share the file.
  • Versions: This option lets you access the previous saved versions of the file in case you have saved it many times.

Sheet Properties

On clicking the Info tab, you will find third column that consists of various properties like categories, title, sheet size, tags etc. These options also let you edit displayed properties.

Exit Backstage View

You can easily exit from the Backstage View by simply pressing the Esc button on the keyboard or using the File Tab. This will take you to the Excel File working mode.