Excel Entering Values

Inserting values or texts in the excel sheet is very simple. By default, your will get a black new excel sheet when you start the application as shown below:

The area in the Excel File where you can enter the text is termed as the Sheet area. The particular vertical bar where your text will appear is termed as the insertion point and it is highlighted on clicking the box. You can start entering text by double clicking on the box. 

You can now simply move your mouse cursor at the insertion point and start entering the text by typing in. The following figure shows the Excel Sheet where “Hello Excel” has been typed into the insertion point.

As you will start typing, the following three points will assist you in typing:

  • You can move to the next column by pressing Tab.
  • You can move to the next row by pressing Enter.
  • You can also create a new line in the same column by pressing Alt + Enter.