Find & Replace in Excel Tutorial

Excel - Find & Replace

Find and Replace is very useful option, which allows you to find some content in the Excel Sheet and you can replace the content with content all at once.

Find and Replace Dialogue

The following steps will illustrate how to access and use this option along with screen shots.

To launch the dialog box for Find and Replace, go to the Home option or top left corner beside file and open Click Find. You can also use the short cut keys Ctrl + F on the keyboard as shown in the figure below.

This will open the Find and Replace dialogue box as shown below:

The Replace option is provided just on the right side of the Find in the new Replace tab. Type the text in “Replace” that you want to put in place of the original content in the cells. 

Exploring options

Let us now explore the various options that are listed under the Find Tab in Find and Replace Dialog Box.

  • Within: This option lets you define whether to search in the sheet of the whole workbook.
  • Search By: This option lets you define the pattern of searching: row wise or column wise.
  • Look In: This option allows you to find the text in the formulas as well along with the normal content in the cells.
  • Match Case: this option allows you to specify the option for upper case or lower case along with the content to be searched by ticking this option.
  • Match Entire Cell Content: This option can be checked to make sure that you find the exact match for the content along with the format.

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