Insert Comments in Excel Tutorial

Excel - Insert Comments

Adding comment to cell

Microsoft Excel offers a very good feature of adding comment to the cell that enables you to add any details about the cell, which is very helpful in the future, or for any other person in understanding the cell and its values.

Comment can be easily added to any cell by following the steps illustrated below:

  • Go to the Review Tab in the ribbon on the top of sheet and ten click Comments and select New Comment option. 
  • Now go the cell where you want to add comment and Right click and choose the option of Insert Comment.
  • You can do the same using keyboard by pressing Shift+F2.

This will open the box where you can type the comment. By default, it will contain the name of the user, which is logged in, and you can overwrite it as shown.

Modifying comment

You can also change the comment in the future that was entered earlier, related to any cell by following the steps below. You can modify the comment you entered before as below.

  • First go the desired cell and select it.
  • Now on right clicking the cell, you will get the option of Edit Comment for modifying the previous comment. 
  • Now press on Modify Comment.

Formatting comment

Excel also lets you format the text that you added as comment for the cell. This includes various formatting options like changing the font, font size, color, etc of the comment. You can find this option by right clicking on the elected comment and selecting the option of Format Comment.

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