Page Breaks in Excel Tutorial

Page Breaks

Excel Allows to apply the page breaks within the sheets, which sets the rows, or columns that will be part of a specific sheet. This option can be used to trim unwanted columns on the right or unwanted rows on the bottom.

The page breaks are applied automatically in Excel sheet. However, you can choose to set page breaks according to your requirement like when you want certain rows or columns at the end or beginning to be or not to be part of the current sheet.

Inserting Page Breaks

You can access the option for the Page Break listed in the drop down list, which appears on clicking the Breaks option listed under Page Layout Tab s shown below in the screenshot.

Insert vertical Page break First, place the mouse pointer anywhere in the first row. Then choose the option for Insert Page Break listed in the drop down list of Beaks under the Tab of Page Layout.

Removing Page Breaks

  • Remove a page break you’ve added: First of all place the mouse pointer in the first row. Then choose the option for Remove Reset All Page Breaks listed in the Breaks under Page Layout Tab. 
  • Remove all manual page breaks: You can do this by choosing the option for “Reset All Page Breaks” listed under the Page Layout Tab in the Breaks.