Merge & Wrap in Excel Tutorial

Merge Cells

You can merge two or more cells into one easily in Microsoft Excel Sheet. During merging the cells together, it must be noted that content does not merge. Merging cells together simply removes the separating boundary between cells. 

  • To merge the desired cells, select them together and go to the Merge & Center control option listed under the Home Tab as shown below.
  • You can also merge cells from the Format Cells dialogue box and ticking the option for “Merge Cells” listed under Alignment tab.

Additional Options

You can find additional options listed under the Merge and Center Control drop down list along with Merge and Center option. This control is listed under Alignment group in Home Tab.

  • Merge Across: This option merges the cells together only which are contained in the same row keeping the identity of the row while merging producing one for each row.
  • Merge Cells: This option lets you simply merge the cells without applying Center Alignment feature.
  • Unmerge Cells: This option unmerges the merged cells selected.

Wrap Text and Shrink to Fit

In case the text is too long for a cell to accommodate, you can use one of two options, Wrap Text or Shrink to Fit. Wrap Text will adjust the text in separate lines one below the other whereas shrink to fit will reduce the size to fit within the cell width.