Select Data in Excel Tutorial

MS Excel comprise of different ways for selecting data in the excel sheet. Lets take a look in to some of those ways:

Selecting via Mouse

Slowly drag the mouse on the data that has to be selected. It will select the cells as displayed in the screen short present below:

Select with Special

If user wishes to select a specific area, then select any of the cells in that particular region. Further, pressing the F5 key will display the figure as mentioned below:

Select current region from the radio buttons. Click on ok to see current region selected.

Further, user will have to click on the special button to see the dialogue box as displayed in the below screen short below.  Then select the current region with the help of the radio buttons and click on the ‘OK’ for getting the view of the below screen short.

As it is clearly visible in the below screen how the data is selected from the current region

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