Text Decoration in Excel Tutorial

The changes in the text decoration of the excel cell is brings a whole new look and feel to the Excel sheet.


The different options that one can avail in the home tab are listed as follows:-

  • Bold:Test is highlighted by this option. To select it, the user needs to choose Home and then Font Group then Click B. Alternatively text can be decorated by pressing Control + B.
  • Italic:This option makes text italic. The user can go to  Home and then  Font Group then Click I or the individual can press Control + B
  • Underline:To make text underline this option is used. An individual needs to choose Home, Font Group, Click U or alternatively the user can press Control + B
  • Double Underline:The option makes text highlighted. To use this option the user can choose Home, Font Group, Click arrow near U and then Select Double Underline

More text-decoration options

Other options that are available for decorating text in formatting cells ->Font Tab ->Effects cells are listed as below

  • Strike-through:It strikes the text through the centre horizontally.
  • Super Script:The content is raised as a super, to another, content.
  • Sub Script:The content appears as a sub, to another, content.

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