Best Male and Female Name

Serial Number Name Meaning Gender Origin
1 A'adarshini Idealistic Girl Hindi
2 A'dab Hope and need Girl Arabic
3 A'idah, aida Visiting, returning, reward Girl Arabic
4 A'inah Mirror Girl Arabic
5 A'ishah, aisha, ayishah Living, prosperous, youngest wife of the prophet pbuh Girl Arabic
6 A'marie Gracious under adversity Girl American
7 Aabha Glow Girl Bengali
8 Aabharana Jewel Girl Bengali
9 Aad In the beginning Girl Sikh
10 Aadab Hope and need Girl Arabic
11 Aadab Hope and need Girl Bengali
12 Aadarsha Ideal Girl Hindi
13 Aadarshini Idealistic Girl Bengali
14 Aadarshini Idealistic Girl Hindi
15 Aadh Half Girl Sikh
16 Aadhila Honesty Girl Bengali
17 Aadhya First power Girl Bengali
18 Aadi Beginning Girl Hindu
19 Aadishri Girl Bengali
20 Aadita From the beginning Girl Bengali
21 Aaditri Godess laxmi Girl Bengali
22 Aadrika Mountain Girl Bengali
23 Aadvika Unique Girl Bengali
24 Aadya One of the names of goddess durga Girl Bengali
25 Aafiyah Healthy, Girl Bengali
26 Aagam Coming, arrival Girl Hindi
27 Aaghnya Born from fire, goddess lakshmi Girl Bengali
28 Aagya Permission Girl Sikh
29 Aahana First rise of sun Girl Bengali
30 Aahlaadita One who is in a happy mood Girl Hindi
31 Aahladita Bubbling with delight Girl Bengali
32 Aahna Exist Girl Hindi
33 Aahna Exist Girl Bengali
34 Aahwaana Invitation Girl Hindi
35 Aakaanksha Desire Girl Hindi
36 Aakanksha Desire, wish Girl Bengali
37 Aakarshaka Attractive Girl Hindi
38 Aakarshana Attraction Girl Hindi
39 Aakarshika Having attractive power Girl Bengali
40 Aakashi Sky colour Girl Bengali
41 Aakriti Shape Girl Bengali
42 Aakriti Shape Girl Hindi
43 Aakruthi Shape Girl Bengali
44 Aakshaya The seventh day of luner month which which happens to fall on a sunday or monday Girl Bengali
45 Aalia Exalted; highest social standing Girl Arabic
46 Aalia Exalted, highest social standing Girl Bengali
47 Aaliya High, tall, towering, excellent Girl Bengali
48 Aaliyah Ascender Girl Hebrew
49 Aaliyah Ascender Girl Biblical
50 Aaloka Lustrous Girl Hindi
51 Aaloka The capital of kuvera Girl Bengali
52 Aalta Lac dye Girl Bengali
53 Aamaal Hopes; aspirations Girl Arabic
54 Aamaal Hopes, aspirations Girl Bengali
55 Aamani Spring season (vasanth ritu) Girl Bengali
56 Aamani Spring season (vasanth ritu) Girl Hindi
57 Aamaya Night rain Girl Bengali
58 Aamina bee Blessed Girl Bengali
59 Aamra=pali Mango tree leaf Girl Hindi
60 Aamukta malya Name of the poem written by an indian king sri krishna deva raya Girl Hindi
61 Aanal Fire Girl Bengali
62 Aanandamayi Very happy Girl Hindi
63 Aanandi, aanandita Always happy woman Girl Hindi
64 Aanandita Joyful; Girl Bengali