How to install MongoDB on Windows

Firstly you will need to download the most recent arrival of MongoDB:

How to download MongoDB

You can download a suitable form of MongoDB which your framework bolsters, from the link Download MongoDB to introduce the MongoDB on Windows. You ought to pick right form of MongoDB acording to your PC's Window. On the off chance that you are not certain what Window form are you utilizing, open your charge provoke and execute this summon:

D:\ wmic os get osarchitecture 
64 bit
D:\ >

Note: MongoDB does not bolster Window XP.

MongoDB for Windows Server 2008 R2 edition

This variant of MongoDB runs just on Window Server 2008 R2, Window7 64 bit, and the more up to date adaptation of windows. You can't work it on more seasoned adaptation of windows.

MongoDb for 32 bit Windows

This form of MongoDB keeps running on just 32 bit windows. 32 bit variant of MongoDB is for the most part utilized as a part of testing and advancement purposes in light of the fact that it bolsters databases littler than 2 GB.

MongoDb for 64 bit Windows

This variant of MongoDB runs just on more current rendition of Windows contains 64 bit working framework.

for instance: Window Server 2008 R2, Window 7 64 bit and so forth.

How to install the downloaded file

In Window adventurer, find the downloaded MongoDB msi record, double tap on that document and take after the directions shows up on the screen. These guidelines will direct you to finish the establishment process.

Note: If you need to move the MongoDB organizer from default position to another position, it is important to issue the move summon as an executive. give us a chance to take an illustration to move the envelope to C : \mongodb:

Select Start Menu > All Programs > Accessories 

You can introduce MongoDB in any envelope in light of the fact that it is independent and does not have whatever other framework reliance.

How to set up the MongoDB environment

An information index is required in MongoDB to store all the data. Its as a matter of course information index way is \data\db. you can make this envelope by summon brief.


In the event that you need to begin MongoDB, run mongod.exe

D:\MongoDB Files\MongoDB\bin\mongod.exe  

This will begin the mongoDB database process. In the event that you get a message "sitting tight for association" in the console yield, it demonstrates that the mongodb.exe procedure is running effectively.


When you connect to the MongoDB through the mongo.exe shell, you should follow these steps:

  1. Open another order brief.
  2. At the season of uniting, indicate the information catalog if vital.

Note: If you utilize the default information catalog while MongoDB establishment, there is no compelling reason to indicate the information registry.

D:\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe-- dbpath d:\test\mongodb\data  

On the off chance that you utilize the diverse information catalog while MongoDB establishment, determine the registry while uniting.

D:\mongodb\bin\mongod.exe-- dbpath  "d: \ test\mongodb\data"