JSON Object

JSON object holds key/value pair. Every key is spoken to as a string in JSON and quality can be of any sort. The keys and values are isolated by colon. Every key/esteem pair is isolated by comma.

The wavy support { speaks to JSON object.

We should see a case of JSON item.

    "employee": {  
        "name":       "Mithilesh",   
        "salary":      5900,   
        "married":    true  

In the above case, employee is an item in which "name", "salary" and "married" are the key. In this illustration, there are string, number and boolean value for the keys.

JSON Object with Strings

The string esteem must encased inside of twofold quote.

 "name": "mithilesh",
 "email": "mithileshgniit@gmail.com"

JSON Nested Object Example

A JSON item can have another question too. How about we see a straightforward illustration of JSON object having another item.

     "firstName": "Mithilesh",   
     "lastName": "Kushwaha",   
     "age": 24,  
     "address" : {  
         "streetAddress": "Sector 50, Noida",  
         "city": "Noida",  
         "state": "UP",  
         "postalCode": "201301"