MongoDB Datatypes

Following is a list of usable data types in MongoDB.

Data Types Description
String String is the most normally utilized datatype. It is utilized to store information. A string must be UTF 8 substantial in mongodb.
Integer Integer is utilized to store the numeric quality. It can be 32 bit or 64 bit relying upon the server you are utilizing.
Boolean This datatype is utilized to store boolean values. It just shows YES/NO qualities.
Double Double datatype stores drifting point values.
Min/Max Keys This datatype analyze a worth against the most minimal and most elevated bson components.
Arrays This datatype is used to store a list or multiple values into a single key.
Object Object datatype is utilized for inserted records.
Null It is used to store null values.
Symbol It is generally used for languages that use a specific type.
Date This datatype stores the present date or time in unix time group. It makes you conceivable to determine your own date time by making object of date and pass the estimation of date, month, year into it.