Features of MongoDB

These are some vital features of MongoDB:

  1. Support ad hoc queries
  2. In MongoDB, you can look by field, reach question and it likewise bolsters standard expression seeks.

  3. Indexing
  4. You can record any field in a report.

  5. Replication
  6. MongoDB backings Master Slave replication. An expert can perform Reads and Writes and a Slave duplicates information from the expert and must be utilized for peruses or move down (not composes)

  7. Duplication of information
  8. MongoDB can keep running over different servers. The information is copied to keep the framework up furthermore keep its running condition in the event of equipment disappointment.

  9. Load balancing
  10. It has a programmed burden adjusting setup in light of information set in shards.

  11. Supports map reduce and aggregation tools.
  12. Utilizes JavaScript rather than Procedures.
  13. It is a schema-less database written in C++.
  14. Provides high performance.
  15. Stores files of any size easily without complicating your stack.
  16. Simple to oversee on account of disappointments.
  17. It also supports-
  18. JSON information model with element blueprints

    Auto-sharding for level versatility

    Built in replication for high availability

Presently a day numerous organizations utilizing MongoDB to make new sorts of uses, enhance execution and accessibility