What is MongoDB

The introductory improvement of MongoDB started in 2007 when the organization was building a stage as an administration comparable to window sky blue.

"Window sky blue is a distributed computing stage and foundation, made by Microsoft, to fabricate, convey and oversee applications and administration through a worldwide system."

MongoDB was created by a NewYork based association named 10gen which is currently known as MongoDB Inc. It was at first created as a PAAS (Platform As A Service). Later in 2009, it is presented in the business sector as an open source database server that was kept up and bolstered by MongoDB Inc.

The main prepared creation of MongoDB has been considered from form 1.4 which was discharged in March 2010.

MongoDB2.4.9 was the most recent and stable variant which was discharged on January 10, 2014.

Above all else, we ought to know what is record arranged database?

Version Original release date Latest version Release date
0.9 27-Mar-09 0.9.10 8/24/2009
1 27-Aug-09 1.0.1 10/22/2009
1.2 12-Dec-09 1.2.5 4/8/2010
1.4 25-Mar-10 1.4.5 8/31/2010
1.6 5-Aug-10 1.6.5 12/9/2010
1.8 16-Mar-11 1.8.5 2/1/2012
2 12-Oct-11 2.0.9 4/2/2013
2.2 28-Sep-12 2.2.7 1/16/2014
2.4 18-Mar-13 2.4.14 4/28/2015
2.6 7-Apr-14 2.6.11 8/10/2015
3 3-Mar-15 3.0.7 10/12/2015
3.2 1-Nov-15 3.2.0 12/8/2015

Example of document oriented database

MongoDB is a record situated database. It is a key component of MongoDB. It offers a report situated capacity. It is exceptionally straightforward you can program it effectively.

MongoDB stores information as archives, so it is known as record situated database.

FirstName = "Mithilesh ",                                                                                                         
Address = "Noida",                                                                                                 
Spouse = [{Name: "rahul"}].                                                                                         
FirstName ="harish",
Address = "newdelhi "

There are two different documents (separated by ".").

Putting away information in this way is called as report arranged database.

MongoDB falls into a class of databases that calls Document Oriented Databases. There is likewise a general class of database known as No SQL Databases.