MongoDB sort() method

Specifies the order in which the query returns matching documents. You must apply sort() to the cursor before retrieving any documents from the database.



The sort() method has a document that defines the sort order of the result set.

{ field: value }

Ascending/Descending Sort

Specify in the sort parameter the field or fields to sort by and a value of 1 or -1 to specify an ascending or descending sort respectively.

The following sample document specifies a descending sort by the age field and then an ascending sort by the posts field:

{ age : -1, posts: 1 }

When comparing values of different BSON types, MongoDB uses the following comparison order, from lowest to highest:

  • MinKey (internal type)
  • Null
  • Numbers (ints, longs, doubles)
  • Symbol, String
  • Object
  • Array
  • BinData
  • ObjectId
  • Boolean
  • Date
  • Timestamp
  • Regular Expression
  • MaxKey (internal type)