Sikh names List

S.N. Name Meaning Gender Origin
1 Aad In the beginning Girl Sikh
2 Aadh Half Girl Sikh
3 Aagya Permission Girl Sikh
4 Aagyakar Obedient Boy Sikh
5 Aagyapal One who maintains obedience Boy Sikh
6 Aakar Shape, to form, to materialize Boy Sikh
7 Aanand Joy or bliss Boy Sikh
8 Aaradh Deep rapturous love, adoration Boy Sikh
9 Aasa Hope Girl Sikh
10 Aasha Hope Girl Sikh
11 Aashish Blessing Boy Sikh
12 Aatma Soul, light of the lord Boy Sikh
13 Aavai Arrive, to come Boy Sikh
14 Ab Now Girl Sikh
15 Abahijeevan Fearless life Boy Sikh
16 Abh Now Girl Sikh
17 Abhaidev Free of fear Boy Sikh
18 Abhaijeet Victory over fear Boy Sikh
19 Abhijeet Victorious Boy Sikh
20 Abhinav Novel Boy Sikh
21 Abhiroop Pleasant Girl Sikh
22 Abichal Unyielding Girl Sikh
23 Abinaash Eternal, immortal Boy Sikh
24 Abrik Na Boy Sikh
25 Achal Constant, immovable Girl Sikh
26 Achar Inaminate Boy Sikh