A web application can be display on a server in either of following format

  • Exploded Format
  • Package Format

Exploded Format

In a exploded format application folder is used as the display unity this approach is used at the time of deployment if an application is deploy is explode format in contents are modified then modification of auto deleted by the server that is application is not request to redeploy

Advantage of this approach

Changes meet to the application after deployed are auto metric identified by the server that is each time application component are change application is not required to be redeployment.

Package format

Package format is this approach all the content the application are packaged in a war file (web achieves) this approached is used at the time of modification after the deployment then new war is to create and display on the server.

Disadvantage of this approach

war file need to be recreated and deployed on the server, each time application components are modified.

Application Deployment mode

All application and web server sproat following mores of application deployment.

  • Cold deployment
  • Hot deployment

Cold Deployment

In case of cold deployment and application interface is used by the application developer for deployment on the application.

  • war file or application folder is provided to the application interface.
  • Application is deployed on the server on behalf of developer.
java servlet example
Account Provide by web hosting company
  • FTP A/C
  • Control Pannel A/C (Web site that shows all server content in sereen)
Both are application interface used for cold deployment

Hot Deployment

In case of hot deployment, application developer directly host application folder or war file to the staging folder on the Server. Staging folder is a folder in Server that is searched by the server for launching application.

java servlet example


  • In hot deployment there is need to knowledge of staging folder, it may differ from server to server. WEBLOGIC staging folder


  • To run Servlet on weblogic it must compile with JDK1.4 because weblogic8.1 application server support JDK1.4
  • To create war file-First reach inside the web root folder and the give following command:


v-see the details

f-new folder