What is AngularJS

Angular JS is an open source JavaScript framework by Google to build web applications.

Licensed under the Apache license version 2.0, the AngularJS is an open source software which is widely used by developers from all around the globe. AngularJS is a Java Script framework for web apps mainly used in the development of Single Page Applications.

AngularJS extends HTML with attributes and makes it more interactive with the user. And the best part, it is absolutely free. Doesn't that make it an ideal choice?

Who can make use of AngularJS?

Professionals and students who are in the field as a developer or who intend to become a developer with the enthusiasm for learning can be the right audience for AngularJS. It is easy and simple to follow and use and most importantly, to learn.

Do I need to know anything before I get started with AngularJS?

Firstly, you need a sound knowledge of Java Script or any other text editor and since AngularJS is more bent towards web applications, having some of the basics of HTML, AJAX, CSS, etc, would be of a great help. Other than that, you are good to go.

How helpful is the tutorial?

Well, you will be given tutorials online and then you will also have the option to edit the code right then and there and will be given an option to check the result.

This will be for every stage and every step you encounter through the tutorials. If you do have any further doubts with regard to AngularJS, go through the other aspects of the software and you will be in a position to know more.

Also, it is highly recommended to try out the online tutorials and go step by step taking your time at each and every step. You do not want to miss out on the basics of AngularJS and process as it is.

If you do not get it right, go back and do it all over again until you get it. As mentioned above, HTML, CSS, etc, will be able to give you an edge and not make you struggle to understand.